The Intelligent Choice

Jali only represents luxury hotels, and only one hotel per destination.
This philosophy enables focused and personalized solutions.
Each clients is one of a kind, with a distinct location, unique hotel experience,
and particular needs. Jali's representation is tailor-made to meet every hotel's individual objectives and desires.
As well as being extensive - including agencies, direct clients, media outlets,
airlines, tourism boards and more - our network is built on genuine
relationships and mutual cooperation, resulting in long-standing
trustworthy partnerships.
Clear communication is a must for international business. Operating in native English and Chinese, we are able to eliminate misunderstandings, report
efficiently and be a conduit for each hotel's core values.

From founders to new recruits, the Jali team has been constructed with an eye

for experience across all areas of hotel representation, luxury travel,

brand promotion, multi-party negotiation, cross-cultural communication,

and sales efficiency.

Transglobal cooperation requires respecting practices and values of different
regions. Kali's structure and thinking means it is capable of maximizing its
effect within China whist meeting more accidental business expectations.

Overseas luxury travel destinations, companies and products are underrepresented in the Chinese market,

mostly due to a culture gap comprising of distance, language, laws and opportunity.

However, there are options, and consequently Jali knows it must not simply be above the norm,

but the choice that makes sense.

Extensive Market Knowledge
Strong Established Network of Partners
Practical Solutions to Perceived Problems

Lily Wang, Co-founder

"We will help you to
explore the extraordinary
Chinese market!"
Strategic Partner:
        D-Lux Travel
             Jali Representation was born from the success of D-Lux Travel, China's premier luxury travel  
             supplier, and continues to maintain a close working relationship with its sister company. Jali is
             committed to up-keeping the same personalized care and high-quality results that made
             D-Lux what it is.

             Cooperation with D-Lux provides Jali with additional consultation, sales and promotional
             avenues, as well as complimenting its own contact network. Furthermore, by having a partner
             on the companies, Jali is able to better track customer trends, contact key figures in the China
             travel market, draw on additional resources, and broaden its overall market appeal.