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Overseas luxury travel destinations, companies and products are widely underrepresented in the Chinese market, mostly due to a culture gap comprising of distance, language, laws and opportunity.The raison d'être of Jali Representation is to assist in bridging this gap. By providing quality and intelligent on-the-ground assistance, we can ensure the world's premier travel destinations elevate their names and sales within The Middle Kingdom by reaching the demographics and partners that make a difference.    

Jali Delivers Your Name To:

Luxury Travel Agencies

Our net work of agencies in Shanghai, Shenzhen,

Beijing, Guangdong and Chengdu means your hotel

reaches elite customers across the country.

Direct Clients
The Media
By targeting individuals and organizations with a mind
for high-end travel, we bring you the clients that makes
for repeat customers.
A print and social media presence is a necessary
part of modern business, Jali's cooperation with a
wide range of titles and talents will get your
message heard.